Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Well, it's been a long time since I touched this. I was running into so many issues, and I realized that the design for my game relied on stuff that I simply don't know how to do in the version of AGS I was using. Every single thing I tried to do was met with problems, and it killed all progress.

What I've decided to try, then, is to do something a bit different. Rather than take a game I'd designed in my head before using 2.3, I'm going to try and make something small and simple designed with the limitations of 2.3 in mind. It's going to be a lot less complex, and only use the most basic of elements. This, hopefully, should be enough to get me more familiar with the systems, too, to make working on something slightly bigger a more feasible enterprise.

The last few days have seen some actual activity on my part again. I've been fiddling around in the editor. I've drawn some graphics. I even wrote a small piece of music for it. The gears are turning, and something is happening. Here's a quick peek:

Hopefully this time I can get something playable done!