Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It Lives!

Just a quick update today -  a video to show the basic interface off. The verb can be changed via the verb buttons and also a right click, both of which were used in this video. You can also see the hotspot label in action, picking up an item and using it as the current item to detect clicks with, the player changing rooms, and music changing in each room.

It's not much, but I had to figure out how to set all this up before I could start building the actual game itself. Now that all of this structure is in place, I can start putting some actual adventure game elements in.

I captured this using DOSBox and reading the game files from a floppy drive - my hope is that the completed final game will fit on and run happily from a single floppy. Whether or not that's doable is still uncertain, but I have my hopes!

Sorry for the poor video quality, I know nothing about editing videos.

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